You’re here because you’re interested in a Border Terrier, specifically an Audacious Border Terrier. What makes our dogs special? They’re beautiful, healthy, and have the most wonderful temperaments. They win titles and hearts, and they’re brilliant. What, did you expect me to be modest?!


Currently I don’t have any breeding females and as a result don’t have any litters planned. When I do have a litter, my goal is to breed structurally sound, healthy, even-tempered puppies who spend the rest of their lives cherished in a forever home. I’m extremely focused on puppy development and put a huge amount of effort into early socialization. My overall goal is to have a positive impact on the breed and always do what’s best for our dogs.

Above all else our dogs are our companions, so they live as such. They sit on our laps while we drink our coffee in the morning, sleep on our bed at night (under the covers in Ava’s case), watch TV on the couch, and get individual time with us everyday. This also means that we’re thoughtful about the number of dogs we have to ensure a peaceful household of gloriously happy dogs.

We occasionally participate in Barn Hunt and AKC conformation, and recently started training in agility and Nosework. Ultimately we do whatever the dogs enjoy most since our focus is on having fun and deepening our bond with them. We train using classical conditioning and positive reinforcement in order to develop a relationship based on trust; our dogs love to train! We work hard to earn and keep their trust by protecting them when necessary, encouraging them when they need a little boost, and delighting in their individuality.

Cassie Abbott

Fear Free Certified Professional

Member, Border Terrier Club of America

Member, International Society for Anthrozoology

Member, American Psychological Association + Human-Animal Interaction Division

Member, American Sociological Association + Society & Animals Division

Member, Animals & Society Institute

Former Member & Chronicle Editor, Cane Corso Association of America