Currently I am not breeding Border Terriers and don’t have any plans to do so in the foreseeable future. Life happens! I still have Wally and Ava, who are loved and adored.

When I do produce a litter, my goal is to breed structurally sound, healthy, even-tempered puppies who spend the rest of their lives cherished in a forever home. I’m extremely focused on puppy development and put a huge amount of effort into early socialization. My overall goal is to have a positive impact on the breed and always do what’s best for my dogs.


Above all else my dogs are my companions, so they live as such. They sit on my lap while I drink coffee in the morning, sleep on my bed at night (sometimes under the covers in Ava’s case), watch TV on the couch… I’m thoughtful about the number of dogs I have to ensure a peaceful household of gloriously happy dogs.

In the past we have titled in Barn Hunt and AKC conformation, and have played in agility, obedience, and Nosework. I let the dogs choose what we pursue based on what’s the most fun and comfortable for them, so mostly we go for walks in the woods and do free work or scent games at home. I work hard to earn and keep their trust by protecting them when necessary, encouraging them when they need a little boost, and delighting in their individuality. I’m constantly expanding my training knowledge with a focus on classical conditioning and positive reinforcement.

Cassie Abbott

Member, Border Terrier Club of America

Member, Animals & Society Institute