CH Kilcreggans HMS Audacious RATN


CHIC # 95334

OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Patellas Normal

OFA Heart Normal

CERF Eyes Normal


BIS/BISS AM/CAN/BIS INTL CH Kobolds Road Warrior x AM/CAN BISS CH Full Throttles Tweed of Kilcreggan

Born March 2, 2011
Bred by Kilcreggan Border Terriers

Wally is my heart dog and owns a piece of my soul; he’s everything I ever hoped for in a companion, and more. He’s the perfect combination of sweet and devilish, always willing to get into mischief but preferring to do it with me. He’s incredibly in tune with people and I’ll never forget how he would sneak into my 101 year-old grandmother’s bedroom to snuggle with her in the mornings. He’s a determined cuddler who wised up to technology long ago and has no qualms about pushing your device aside for some attention.

Wally particularly loves exploring the environment so we’re going to focus on Nosework while occasionally competing in Barn Hunt.