Our Placement Process

  1. Check out our Litters page first to see if we have a litter expected, or when we’re planning one. In my experience people who are ready for a puppy want one ASAP and seldom want to be on my waitlist!
  2. Call me or submit a request through my contact form [and I’ll ask you to call me]. Email is fine for first contact but I need to speak with you on the phone to get to know you. I’m seeking responsible owners who know what to expect from a terrier.
  3. If you’re on a waiting list with other breeders please tell me up front, and let me know if you do get a puppy elsewhere. At some point you’ll have to commit one way or the other, but until then you’ll still be considered.
  4. If we like each other I’ll put you on my list. Being on the list means you’re a potential home; it doesn’t mean you’re getting a puppy. Usually I have more people than I have puppies and if I don’t think you’ll get a puppy, I’ll let you know. I don’t accept deposits to reserve puppies; new owners will pay in full upon pick up of their puppy.
  5. Once the puppies are born I’ll notify everyone on the list and post updates on this website. From birth on I take notes on each puppy’s development, observing their behavior and interactions. We also do a conformation evaluation at 8 weeks on all puppies but particularly for show/sport prospects.
  6. Puppies go to their new homes at 9 weeks, with homes selected and notified between 6 weeks and 9 weeks. I know it’s frustrating to “not know” for so long; please realize I’m not intentionally torturing you and my first priority is matching puppies with the best possible home. I’ll notify everyone on the list as to whether or not they will be getting a puppy. I prefer that puppies be picked up in person.
  7. Your puppy goes home with a care package, signed contract, AKC registration papers, a five generation pedigree, and their medical record. Pet puppies are sold with AKC Limited registration and a spay/neuter requirement; Show prospect puppies have special requirements for showing/breeding.
  8. Now you’re stuck with me for your puppy’s life! This is why we have to like each other. 🙂 When you take home an Audacious Border Terrier you become part of our extended family. I love to receive updates and photos over the months and years, and I’m always available if you have any questions or concerns.