A few brags

Chaser went to the BTCA specialty and finish both his Rally Novice and Beginner Novice titles! Truly an all-star, he also made the first cut for Best Otterhead in a group of 80 dogs.

Rory earned her Novice Agility Standard title and earned two legs in Jumpers with Weaves.

Congrats, kids! ❤

New Barn Hunt titles!

1101151710We spent the weekend at the River Rat Barn Hunt braving the deluge in St Helens, OR, and it was worth it! With four trials in two days we had tons of fun and came away with lots of ribbons, as you can see. 🙂 On Sat both Wally and Fiona earned their RATN titles (Wally also got RATI); in Trial 1 Wally placed 2nd for speed and in Trial 2 Fiona got the fastest time in their class — woop woop! On Sun we moved up to Open and Wally earned his first Open Q along with 1st in class.

1027151028aSunday was definitely a learning experience as the three non-Q trials were missed due to handler error (aka me). Over the weekend their indication behaviors began evolving plus we were all tired on Sunday. Between those two things I miss-called “rat” twice because I didn’t wait long enough for them to move on, and didn’t call a correct rat once because I didn’t do a detailed check of the area when Fiona said there was something there. Lesson learned: pay attention to my dogs and be patient, they KNOW when there’s a rat and they’ll tell me!

Barn hunt!

River Rat Barn Hunt Sept 2015

Our first Barn Hunt trial was a success! Fiona got her RATI, then she and Wally each got a Q for their RATN. Wally could have gotten his RATI if he hadn’t peed on a bale, which is an automatic NQ. Boys! It was so much fun to see them working and filling their historical role of vermin exterminator (don’t worry, the rats are never in real danger). We met some wonderful people and I got to see Josh own the role of Rat Wrangler. 😉  I can’t wait to do it again, I’m so proud of my dogs!