Five weeks

We can’t believe they’re five weeks already! We’re stepping up the potty training game, spending more time playing outside, and have started clicker training. Weaning is in progress with the puppies gobbling up their mostly solid food. More and more friends have stopped by for puppy visits, which we encourage! Fiona continues to be an excellent mother and seems to really enjoy her babies.

Four weeks

The above video pretty well sums up where the kids are developmentally. Playing, exploring, growling, cuddling…life is one big adventure! Today they got to try big kid food (puppy food gruel) for the first time and they loved it. It’s time to start gradually weaning them onto solids and I’m sure Fiona will appreciate the help. All of the puppies are confidently engaging with their environment including people, dogs, and objects. Right now their favorite toys are their tunnel, the wobble board, and the fox tail. They’re also beginning to play more and more with each other.


Three weeks

Today the puppies are three weeks old and it’s been a big week for development! With their eyes and ears now open they’re noticing much more of their environment and even recognize us. We’ve been playing background music, starting off laidback with “Relaxation” radio and reggae. They’re playing with each other and practicing “killing” the little squirrel toy. They’ve moved into a bigger pen with lots of toys to explore, including a mirror, raccoon tail, balance disc, and more. It’s a puppy amusement park!

Two weeks


This week everybody opened their eyes and, as ears started opening up, found their voices too! Purple is learning to bark and everybody is practicing their play growl. All four puppies are walking (albeit clumsily) and have started playing. Mostly this entails trying to gum a sleeping/eating sibling to death.

Hello world


Red started it a couple days ago but now all the puppies are starting to just crack open their eyes. It’s so exciting to finally “meet” them as they start to realize there’s a big world out there.

One week


The Scout x Fiona puppies are one week old today and all are doing well. Fiona is doing a fabulous job, proven by the fact that all four puppies have more than doubled in weight since birth!

The puppies are being handled daily and have been introduced to several new scents, including raccoon tail, wood, and ceramic. It’s fascinating to watch them pause to take in and catalog each new scent.

The Scout x Fiona puppies have arrived!


It was a long two days with only 5  hours of sleep but we’re happy to announce that the Scout x Fiona pups have arrived! We have two boys and two girls, and Fiona was a champ. This was her first litter and she fought through the exhaustion like a pro. We’re excited to see how these puppies develop!

Litter confirmed!

We can finally announce that we do in fact have puppies on the way! No official count yet due to the vagaries of ultrasound but it appears we’ll have four pups in early June. We’re currently interviewing potential homes; contact me if interested.


New Barn Hunt titles!

1101151710We spent the weekend at the River Rat Barn Hunt braving the deluge in St Helens, OR, and it was worth it! With four trials in two days we had tons of fun and came away with lots of ribbons, as you can see. 🙂 On Sat both Wally and Fiona earned their RATN titles (Wally also got RATI); in Trial 1 Wally placed 2nd for speed and in Trial 2 Fiona got the fastest time in their class — woop woop! On Sun we moved up to Open and Wally earned his first Open Q along with 1st in class.

1027151028aSunday was definitely a learning experience as the three non-Q trials were missed due to handler error (aka me). Over the weekend their indication behaviors began evolving plus we were all tired on Sunday. Between those two things I miss-called “rat” twice because I didn’t wait long enough for them to move on, and didn’t call a correct rat once because I didn’t do a detailed check of the area when Fiona said there was something there. Lesson learned: pay attention to my dogs and be patient, they KNOW when there’s a rat and they’ll tell me!