Better late than never

​We’ve been so busy that I never got around to posting the final goodbyes, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they were easy goodbyes! Each farewell is bittersweet but they’re mostly sweet because the pups went home with such wonderful families.

Purple girl, now named Rory, went home with three generations of dedicated dog women right here in Washington. She’s going to get more attention and training then she could imagine! They’re a perfect fit for her rambunctious and adventurous attitude, not to mention that she gets to see a mini donkey in her own backyard.

Green boy has moved down too sunny California and got to meet his sire, Scout, along the way (pictured). His owner is still working on the perfect name but he’s having a great time making new friends and rooting through the toy box. He’s probably had his first obedience class by now!

Our own red girl, Ava, is loving life as the only puppy in the house. She keeps us entertained as she tries to crawl into sneakers and pounces on dirt piles. Wally and Fiona enjoy playing with her and Ava begins puppy classes this Sun in Seattle.

Tig is loving life in Idaho and has taken to sitting in dad’s shoulder while relaxing in the evening.
We’re excited to watch these kids grow up!