Happy 2nd Birthday, pups!

Today the pups turn two years old, holy moly! Where does time go?! I remember when they were tiny little furry potatoes:


Fur Potatoes

Now they’re adults, although they all act like teenagers still — I’ve always said that Borders aren’t really adults until they’re 3 years old 😉

Rory earned her AKC CH title and will soon be working on her Canadian CH title. She’s getting ready to begin trialing in agility and has started attending Earthdog practices. Here she is playing in the ocean for the first time:


Chaser has retired from the showring to focus on competing in Rally, and he has a blast! He’s also prepping for obedience, and I suspect he’ll be making his entre into Nosework in the near future. 🙂


One year ago Ava had surgery for her liver shunt and since then she’s gained about 5lb, losing the floppiness that earned her the nickname “Noodle”. It’s shocking to look back on those photos and see what a difference a year made! Since I was back in school full-time this past year we didn’t do a whole lot in the way of dog sports, and instead we’ve just been enjoying our time with her as a healthy, happy dog. Here she is popping her birthday balloons this morning:


Tig! I don’t have an update yet on this boy, but I expect to hear about him playing with the grandkids and taking rides on the scooter with his elderly neighbor, on top of untold mischievousness. 😉

Happy birthday, kids, I love you guys! It brings me so much joy to see you so happy with your families.